Bent Metal

Bent Metal Joint 2023 Snowboard Bindings

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Details from Bent Metal:

Create a fluid link between you, your board, and the mountain with the BMBW JOINT. The JOINT brings BMBW’s standard of high performance components and a Mervin made flex control drive plate together for less money and more all mountain action. The medium flex drive plate pairs with a nylon highback and heel cup along with the power flex ankle strap to create a responsive yet forgiving all mountain performance.

Movie poster inspired type burns red like a monster’s eyes as he destroys any terrain the mountain throws at him, aahhhhhhh it’s POWZILLA!

White - Art by Tim Zimmerman
Tim Zimmerman is back on the JOINT with a dreamy pillowy snowscape photo. #ZIMSTAGRAM take me away!

Blue - Art by Phil Hansen
Phil Hansen’s textural topographical detail work brings to mind mountains, rivers and an ominous NW storm front. You can tell this hippy loves metal!