Yes. 20/20 Powderhull 2023 Snowboard

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Details from YES:


2 years ago, we came out with a significant redesign of the original PowderHull that only 5 years ago put a sizable dent in shred universe. Refined bottom contours have maintained the magical float that sets this board apart from everything else on the snow while improving the pop and landings off natural and man-made features. The eye-catching coreless tech has made these more complex shapes possible, while removing critical swing-weight from the board. And finally, MidBite has found its most effective home on twins so applying an aggressive version of this to the 20/20 has made what was once a specialty board into a truly versatile ride.

Art by : Mark Kowalchuk

Lately I’ve been really into sci-fi and fantasy art I feel the ideas of infinite realities and what could lie beyond our comprehension very interesting. I’ve been really looking at a lot of 70s retro sci fi art and watching a lot of space movies lately. I find that sci-fi is an amazing genre for an artist to really dig deep into their imagination and challenge them to come up with concepts that haven’t really been portrayed yet. For these boards I tried to link all 3 graphics : trees, air and space by a gateway/portal between them. For creating these graphics i start with some rough sketches and doodles and figure out the layouts and general idea behind each one. Then I’ll redraw each one a bit better and at full size. Once the drawing is sketched in I trace my own artwork to clean up the linework and scan it. Once on the computer I move the elements around and digitally colour it. The last step is just setting the artwork into the template shape ready for production.