Demo Snowboards

Overwhelmed by all the options? Or are you interested in a board, but want to take it for a spin before you drop the cash? Well, you're in luck because we have a limited selection of boards available for you to demo!

Read through the options below and call to schedule and reserve a board to demo. Or come on in and we'll give you the run down on the boards and you can test out something that peaks your interest. 


Single Day Snowboard Demo - $35 

If you choose to purchase a snowboard from us after your demo we will take off the demo cost from your total. 

Boards Available:

-Jones Ultra Mind Expander 154

-Jones Mountain Surfer(Pow Surfer) 142

-Gnu Ladies Choice 148.5

-Gnu Hyper Kyarve 157

-Gnu Fun Guy 154

-Lib Tech Orca 153

-Lib Tech Retro Ripper 156

-Lib Tech E-Jack Knife 157

-Yes PYL 162


 Note: Not all demo boards are the current seasons graphics