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Black Diamond Compactor Poles

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Details from Black Diamond:

The updated Black Diamond Compactor uses Z-Pole technology that folds into an ultra-compact package size for the ride down, ideal for splitboarders. The redesigned FlickLock Pro is now lighter, stronger, and easier to use, with a more durable, forged aluminum construction, and offers up to 20 cm of adjustability. The Compactor’s speed cone deployment, which allows it to deploy in a matter of seconds, has been upgraded with improved connections for durability.

Usable Length:

Short: 41-48.8in (105-125cm)

Long: 44.9-52.7in (115-135cm)

Collapsed Length: Short & Long: 16.3in (41.5cm)


Short: 1.29lb/pr (588g)

Long: 1.34lb/pr (610g)