Bent Metal

Bent Metal Transfer 2024 Mens Binding - Black/Pink

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Flex 6 - Medium

Details from Bent Metal:

Versatile Performance and all mountain dominance. BMBW’s perfect all terrain combination of an Engineered Polymer Highback and a responsive Magnesium Fiber Drive Plate gives you precise freestyle/freeride performance and control in every riding situation. Team tested and approved from East Coast parks to AK peaks.

Black/Pink - Art by Quincy Quigg
Quincy Quigg is back on the Transfer and... oh my… what the pink, pink, splatter, pink, yellow, silver demon metal smith dude do we have here?!! Quigg is back on the Transfer!


Size Boot Size US Boot Size EU
S US M 5-8 / US W 6-9 EU 37-40,5
M US M 8-11 / US W 9+ EU 40,5-45
L US M 11-14 EU 45-48,5