Deeluxe Aeris 2024 Mens Boot - KB

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The ultimate all terrain boot

Armed with a vision entirely his own, Kevin Backstrom devours everything in sight–while also oozing style. With the goal of creating the ultimate all terrain boot–and one truly capable of meeting his needs–we worked with Kevin to test out a slew of boots from our collection and identify his favorite features. We then mixed together all of these ingredients–and refined the recipe again and again–to develop his signature boot, the Aeris. For a truly custom fit that maximizes performance and comfort, it showcases DEELUXE’s Stage 3 liner and Freestyle Tongue. The boot’s Sidekick Pro technology uses a high-frequency welding process to fuse lateral and medial reinforcing elements to the boot’s shell. This provides faster edge-to-edge transitions and better pop when ollieing. DEELUXE’s Double Back offers additional protection from binding abrasions and boosts control and precision. For exceptional board feel, the Aeris features DEELUXE’s all-new Quantum sole. This sole provides an especially direct and responsive ride while also offering strategic cushioning to dampen vibrations and absorb impact energy. This enables you to stomp the largest features with ease. And when it’s time to hike, the sole provides impressive traction. Reimagine what’s possible–and transform how you approach the mountain–with DEELUXE’s Aeris.


Kevin Backstrom signature model
Sidekick Pro for faster edge-to-edge transitions and more pop
New Quantum sole for an especially direct and responsive ride