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Lib Tech Lost Mason Ho Little Wing 5’10” Surfboard

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Details from Mervin:

Matt and Mason’s Little Wing in our new light, high performance Techo Pop construction.

“A short and sweet psychedelic treat, from the mad (and sometimes masochistic) mind of Mason Ho. The Little Wing is a playful performance shortboard, focused on fun, everyday, small to mid sized surf” - Matt Biolos.

The Little Wing Experience features a speedy short n wide outline. A full forgiving nose and noticeable hip in the tail which is wide at the fins but pulled in at the tail for precise cornering. A low speedy entry rocker and plenty of rocker in the tail for quick release snappiness. A deep exaggerated single concave transitions into an even deeper double concave through the fins adding lift and bringing the board to life in soft waves. A rolled deck carries thickness through the center line and makes for lower volume knifey but soft forgiving rails. Graphically we abide with Masons vibe as the freewheeling Voodoo Chile of Surfing... Built in our new lighter, stronger, ultra-responsive Techno Pop Construction this one will have you walking through the clouds... riding with the wind... Fly on Little Wing.


Lib Tech is dedicated to board riding and hands on high tech board building. We have spent a lifetime of surfing, shaping and working with alternative, high performance, environmentally friendly materials and constructions. Traditional surfboard construction has always felt too fragile and the build process is toxic and unhealthy for the planet and craftspeople. We know there had to be a way...


The constant quest for high performance has led us to Techno Pop; the lightest and most responsive update to our ecoIMPACTO construction. The process is top secret but includes a new ultralight “Techno Treated” performance enhancing upgrade the Thermo Fusion Honeycomb power panel and precision flex tuning with 8 bands of spread tow carbon on top and bottom. We are introducing Techno POP on Mason Ho’s Hendrix inspired high performance thumb tail short board the“Little Wing” that is guaranteed to take your surfing to new heights.



Length Width Thickness Volume
5’6” 18.6" 2.3" 25.7 cl
5’8” 19.3" 2.4" 28.3 cl
5’10” 19.8" 2.5" 30.8 cl
6'0” 20.3" 2.6" 33.5 cl
6'2” 20.8" 2.7" 36.8 cl