Yes. PYL Un..Inc. DCP 2024 Mens Snowboard

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David carrier Porcheron is greatly influenced by surfing and the luxurious wildlife on the coast of Costa Rica. He wants his board to remind him of his second love every time he straps in. The PYL UnInc brings a new definition of all mountain riding. This shape has the benefits of a longer edge hold while adding to the surface area of a wider shape. We blended the Hybrid versatility with the PYL’s big mountain profile. The coreless tail will allow the tail to sink more without losing the torsional stiffness. We’ve added a chakra window on the nose to make this board your connection with your inner self. Tapered Un- derBite delivers the directional drive and float of a tapered board without compromising edge hold or the ability to power out of turns that plagues most tapered boards. Artist : @pipholmesart